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fitting your referral sources together
Discover how you and your referral partners fit together to create a referral pipeline, ensuring that you have enough transactions to create the flow of business you want.

Listen to Gary Kaskowitz and Mike Zinni, creator of Relate2Profit, discuss the benefits of tracking your referral marketing!

Welcome To Relate2Profit

At Relate2Profit, we believe that you can measure the success of your referral marketing efforts.

You've heard that you can not measure the impact of your advertising dollars and that you certainly can not measure the success of your word-of-mouth message. We don't believe this.

Successful word-of-mouth marketing will generate referrals; Relate2Profit will track these referrals and how they happen to provide an accurate measurement of your word-of-mouth marketing!

Relate2Profit is a first of its kind, cutting edge relationship management system that will direct you to network in the most dynamic and profitable way. Interested? Check out our Benefits to see how Relate2Profit works for you...

what does it take to build your business?

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Chart your referral tree
You will finally be able to enjoy tracking your referral relationships, easily create reports of specific relationships, chart a reward system, and recognize with whom you are spending your time. is the system that shows you WHO to interact with, HOW to interact with them, and WHAT results are being produced!

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Networking Like A Pro Networking expert and bestselling author Dr. Ivan Misner along with David Alexander, and Brian Hilliard reveal key techniques to help you build, revive, or grow your business with among other tools.

Track your success - ultimately, helping you boost your client base and your bottom line!

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