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Tracking activities is one of the least utilized and most important tools we have in our referral marketing plan. I've never been able to make a spreadsheet or paper record work, but Relate2Profit does the job for me. With it's ability to take my entire address book and eliminate all that data entry I was able to get started at a run, instead of a crawl.

Relate2Profit has all the entries and reports I need to track every referral marketing activity I can think of. I can record meeting a new connection, additional meetings getting to know them, activities to promote, refer, and introduce that person, and more. I can record referrals given me, and closed business from those referrals. I can then record any referrals from the client, and from that third degree referred client, as deeply as necessary. This gives me the opportunity to thank an individual for a referral from a client, referred by a client, referred by a client, who was referred by the individual. This is powerful!

I now have the opportunity to look at my activities, see what is working and what is not, and make adjustments. I become more efficient because I know what I'm doing, what I've done, and more importantly, what works and what doesn't.

The great thing about Relate2Profit is that Mike Zinni has been using this system for his own business for years, very successfully, to track activities for his staff. As he sees improvements he implements them, for our benefit. Mike is a Referrals For Life student who learned referral marketing from the top experts in the world. We're lucky he's also a software developer who decided that since there wasn't a good tool for tracking referral activities, he'd build one. Now we all can benefit, and build our referral marketing into a much more powerful, profitable tool for our businesses.

Charles Lindauer, Owner
Lindauer Mac Consulting

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